Preconstruction and Design-Build projects with Lake City Glass are all unique thus each requires a unique approach. When working off design drawings (DD) or schematic drawings (SD) with Lake City Glass, we do our best to identify design flaws and potential schedule impacts as soon as possible. We value the opportunities we get from our contractors as they trust us to provide them with educated product and design recommendations.

Preconstruction Services


We understand what it takes to complete high quality projects on time. Schedule concerns and early logistics are brought to the attention of contractors and architects to avoid a snowballing schedule.


Before, during, and after schematic drawings have been issued we provide detailed budgets while closely working with contractors to ensure that the complete scope of work is included.


Given design intent, we propose products that best suit the application proposed to bring down and avoid necessary cost.

Design Solutions

We are not architects, but we are always available to discuss solutions designed on previous projects to avoid obvious problems presented in the past.