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About LCG Construction

Lake City Glass was born Lake City Glass and Paint in 1970 when three employees from Hoffer Glass Company were about to lose their jobs due to the office being closed. The three original owners were John Grybowski, Jerry Sheskey and Steve Villand.

In the beginning paint, residential glass and auto glass comprised most of the business with a small amount of contract glazing. After a few years Jerry and Steve purchased the shares of their partner and the two lead the company through the 70’s and most of the 80’s where the business emphasis focused more and more on contract glazing and less on other items until “Paint” was dropped from the name.

Lake City Glass grew and flourished in the mid 80’s. When Jerry Sheskey became ill he opted to sell his half of the business to Wes Browne and Mark Sheskey and the company again was back to three owners. After several successful years Steve Villand sold his shares to Wes and Mark and this is the management team that has lead the way for the last 10 years. Sadly Wes Browne passed away in September of 2014 just months before his retirement.  He will be greatly missed by all that worked with him. The current management team is continuing forward by providing a variety of services focused on the contract glazing industry.

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